Wellness days in Wiltshire

We host highly successful Wellness Days in Wiltshire. We have a good mixture of guests who are all interested in hearing more about healthy lifestyles and how to look after yourself daily without too much work involved. SMALL changes create BIG results. The day is divided into bite sized moments with Alicky starting with an introduction to meditation, relaxation, Chi Gung exercise to release stuck energy in the joints. Everyone works up an appetite an enjoyed the delicious healthy snacks and Green juice made by Alicky.  See individual days for different themes.

Upcoming Events

September 11th 2018 – Oxfordshire
Wellness and healthy living day with Alicky Gravell and Nick Parker
Chatterpie House, Coombe, Nr Witney, Oxon

September 24th 2018 – North Wiltshire
Student Survival Day with Alicky Gravell and Flavia Dalzell Payne
A day for Student and teenagers at last! (18 plus)

October 9th 2018 – Essex
Wellness and Healthy Living day with Alicky Gravell

What the press has to say:

Meditation, pilates and juice cleanses – not just for city dwellers, as Netia Walker discovers…
6th JANUARY 2017