We have a shop located at the clinic to support our patients.  We hold stock of various remedies including vitamins, minerals and live probiotics, as well as offering detox advice and programs.  Here is an example of some of the products and remedies that we offer patients to enhance their treatment and wellbeing.

Alicky also offers her clients nutritional advice to aid their healing in conjunction with her other treatments. She combines traditional Chinese medical advice with optimum nutritional advice from the West. A correct and balanced diet will help the healing process with many ailments, particularly fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, tummy aches, headaches and arthritis.

Alicky advises on health products and supplements during a session only. These can be purchased with a discount on request.

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Help to restore your digestive health naturally with my recommended brand “Microbz” Bio-Live Gold supplement. 

The all-purpose superbrew with gut friendly microbes are:

  • a living liquid probiotic made with 13 families of carefully selected beneficial microbes
  • brewed with malt for a lighter flavour made from all natural ingredients
  • crammed with over 50 juices, herbs and minerals, a combination intended to be a powerful antioxidant
  • gluten, GM, wheat, dairy and sugar free.

Do you want to balance your hormones? Sleep better? Beat a cold or recover from a lingering cold or virus? Maybe support the function of your lungs or help the liver detox?

There is a a Bio-Live for you.

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