Juliet, 53 North Wiltshire

I call Alicky Gravell “The White Witch”. I don’t know what she does, how it works or how she does it and quite frankly I don’t want to know, I just want to be fixed when I am not right.

Alicky is so knowledgable that whatever my problem is, physical or emotional she has been willing and capable of getting to the route of it. Apart from being sensitive and totally professional, the range of her abilities constantly astounds me.

I have had a recurring cough for many many years. I have had so many consultations with various doctors who all have had an idea as to the reason for this.

Apart from the horrible tests that I had to endure over 20 years to try and get to the bottom of my situation, I have spent a small fortune in one way or another. There was never any follow up care or future plan or explanation as to why I was still coughing. I began to get pains in my neck and shoulder due to the constant hacking and sought help from Alicky. Upbeat, interested, patient and positive that there was something to be done in the short term for the pain but, also having listened to me (a dying art but she is amazing at this) for the cause.
After my initial consultation, my ‘White Witch’, was able to relieve me of the pain I was suffering and moved into the territory ( whilst treating me for the pain) of understanding and fixing the underlying problem, the cough. We quickly ran over the time of our allotted appointment, but rather than sending me on my way, inviting me to make another appointment, she continued on. She taught me the art of tapping, a self-administered method of coping with any form of stress, a hot line, as it were, to my subconscious mind. She enabled me to shut down, in my head, the urgent need to cough with the use of this miraculous technique.

I use it in so many situations now and have taught my children to tap prior and during any stressful situation such as dentist visits, exams, lack of self-esteem when faced with a new problem, all sorts of applications. My coughing is finally under control. I shall be forever in her debt. I left her wonderful calming clinic, free of pain and with a new life ahead of me.

Thank you to my “White Witch” (permanently on speed dial on my phone for all my aches pains and wellbeing).

Alicky is very knowledgeable about all parts of the body and has cured various parts of my body including my back, ankles and stiff neck using a combination of Interx Machine and hands on Shiatsu, healing and reflexology. My very dodgy mental state (up and down emotionally) has been much improved with EFT (tapping) and NLP techniques. She is altogether a wonderful healer.

I was suffering from quite severe sleep disruptions, exhaustion and a foggy head. To start the session and relax me, Alicky treated me with a combination of hands on Shiatsu and reflexology. It was wonderful and my energy levels picked up immediately. I could feel the fog in my head lifting. She then, over the next few sessions, taught me how to use EFT and tap on my face and body to aid sleep. This was miraculous and I have my first night sleep for a long time. My stress levels are low and my life has moved forward into another dimension. Thank you Alicky for saving me in a time of need!

I shattered the head of my humerus bone in a skiing accident and subsequently was advised to have it pinned with a major operation. My surgeon X-rayed the damage but couldn’t operate for ten days so I asked Alicky to treat it with her InterX device for pain control. She gave me four treatments in this time which reduced the swelling and pain. My surgeon x-rayed it on my next appointment before the operation and was shocked to see it had healed! He only had to perform a minor operation to adjust the positioning of the bone. I had a few more sessions with Alicky and the Interx device post-surgery and have not had a problem since. The results were truly remarkable. I have subsequently bought a device to work on myself and my family when injuries occur.

Alicky is a genius. Regular sessions with her have helped me to regulate my underactive thyroid and improved my general wellbeing. I also have enjoyed several of the Wellness Days that really reset you back onto the straight and narrow.Thank you for the extra energy Alicky, much needed!

You are amazing Alicky Gravell – I highly enjoyed a life changing, magical, informative and fun Wellbeing Day. Love Love x

That was a sensational day on so many levels – not something I have ever done before but this was all about me!! I learnt so much, you are a kind and generous purveyor of your knowledge which is clearly immense. I arrived a sceptic, loved meeting and sharing ideas with everyone and left full of focused energy and delicious homemade energy peanut balls.
Thank you xx

Thank you so so much for your uplifting and relaxing day, I think you are amazing. It is always a joy to see you and I thought the day was fantastic. All the knowledge you have and remember is quite extraordinary .