Classified as a “Power Therapy”, EFT is a relatively new process that has emerged within the field of psychotherapy. Power Therapies are known by this term because they work rapidly and effectively.

Developed from the ancient Chinese meridian energy system, EFT is often referred to as a “psychological version of acupuncture” without the needles.

It works on the principle that all negative emotions are the result of disruption or blockages in the body’s energy system. These are cleared with tapping movements on the end of the body’s energy meridians, while focusing on the issue that needs to be resolved.

EFT can treat many things including fear and phobias, anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia, migraines and general on-going pain.

Combining this technique with Hynotherapy and NLP we have a powerful mix for your potential change ahead. Let me help you clear those subconscious blocks to a new pathway for health and happiness.


Alicky has been offering sessions online and it works very well. Of course you do not get the physical touch interaction but the intention is there and its still a very powerful session. She can work with Stress related feelings, sleep problems, worry, fear, anxiety and of course inviting the body and mind to shift into a new and healthier gear.