Healthy Heart Day for Women Presented by Alicky Gravell & Dr Tom Hyde Tuesday February 6th 2018

Have you ever been concerned about heart palpitations, pressure or pain in your chest, breathlessness, nausea after exertion, facial colour and unexpected angry outbursts? What do we do when we experience these symptoms? Who do we ring? When should we act?

This day will help you to understand the heart and its mechanics, what are the signs of a heart attack or what do these symptoms mean?

Alicky Gravell and Dr Tom Hyde ( will be presenting the day with how you can look after your heart health and detect any problems using a combination of complimentary and western medicine.

We will focus on our eating habits, stress factors, self healing techniques  and how to improve women’s heart health. You will go home knowing how to improve your energy, vitality and health to keep you in good stead in an easy fun way.

Alicky will also be introducing meditation and Chi Gung exercise. Nutrition and how to look after your health will be covered. Lots of ideas on how to keep well.

The Cardiologist’s kitchen will be involved with delicious recipes and ideas of daily food.

Lorraine Groves will be teaching us the basic principles of hypnotherapy for de- stressing the body and mind.

Be prepared for a day with a difference and put it in your diary!

Alicky xx







To book:


Tuesday 6th February 2018

Arrive at 10.00am, the day will finish at approx 4.00pm

Lady’s Walk House, Great Somerford, N. Chippenham,  Wiltshire, SN15 5EH

£90 for the whole day including lunch

Please email me to book your place then I will reply with booking details.