Catarrhal conditions involve swelling and inflammation of the mucous membranes, causing an increase in the amount of mucus secreted. The nose, middle ear and sinuses are most commonly affected. They are often due to overheating. If a child is wearing too many clothes or if the room temperature is too hot, the body tends to switch the blood supply from the skin to the throat (which was the original ‘radiator’ used to cool the overheating body). Since humans are adapted to cooling their body temperature via the skin, the throat is unable to cope with the increased circulation and merely becomes congested, which leads to catarrh. As one infection follows another, the lymph nodes become partially blocked, causing backpressure and greatly aggravating the catarrhal condition. Food sensitivities can also be responsible.

Treatment to improve and alleviate this would include Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal massage,  Interx, Reflexology


Alicky Gravell Clinic Treatments

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