Dowagers Hump

At around 50 or 60 years of age, the thoracic curve in the back sometimes becomes more accentuated, particularly in women. There is also a pad of tissue at the top of the thoracic spine that stands out, often referred to as Dowager’s Hump. It may accompany a level of osteoporosis and calcium deficiency, so both of these should be checked.

Although it is generally thought to be a pad of fat, when you apply pressure to the tissue with a thumb, it leaves an indentation, which suggests that it is filled with fluid. Dowager’s Hump is usually regarded as a very difficult condition to treat, but lymphatic drainage, especially if it is combined ¬†manipulation to mobilise the thoracic spine and reduce the curvature, can bring about a great improvement and even a total cure of this problem.

It should be noted that any food sensitivities could increase the tendency to retain fluid and so great care should be taken with the diet during and after treatment. Some people notice that they need to empty their bladder more frequently than usual for a while after the treatment. This is almost certainly an indication of the amount of fluid being removed from the tissues.

Treatment with Interx neurostimulation, Shiatsu and Reflexology.


Alicky Gravell Clinic Treatments

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