The word means any form of malfunction of the stomach starting from feeling not hungry because it is slightly inflamed to feeling that you want to eat all the time to mop up excess acid, to having discomfort and wind and being bloated. There are a number of causes of indigestion, one, if you’re eating at very irregular hours and unsuitable types of food, this can cause problems with digestion, however a large number of people have indigestion of varying degrees without an actual cause being shown. These people usually are satisfactorily treated by one of the acid inhibitors such as simitidine or ranitidine but they get temporary relief only and on abandoning treatment the indigestion will eventually return.

Indigestion can be caused by an injury to the upper part of the back and the muscle spasm interferes with the muscle pumping activity. congestion of the area upsets the sympathetic nerve centres that amongst other thing control the acid to the stomach. This results in too much secreted and it not being turned off properly after a meal. The stomach therefore, attacked by its own acid instead of digesting food and this can cause anything from a low-grade inflammation right up to an ulcer of the stomach wall. The extra movement of the stomach, which also accompanies the sympathetic nerve malfunction, pushes acid into the duodenal area (which is supposed to be an alkaline area) and the acid will readily burn a whole in the duodenum causing a duodenal ulcer.

A number of people are thought to have trouble with a hiatus hernia which is when the stomach passes up into the chest cavity via a hole in the diaphragm, up through which the eating tube or oesophagus runs because they have various forms of indigestion. The common complication is that acid regurgitates up into the mouth giving a nasty taste and this can get quite unpleasant, People have to sleep sitting up to avoid this regurgitation of acid. Treatment of the sympathetic will return the acid production back to normal and so will relieve this condition more or less permanently.

Interx, Shiatsu and a course of Probiotic treatment (Microbial) would be beneficial.


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