Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx, or voice box. Our vocal cords have to be shiny and dry in order to vibrate effectively. If they become abnormally damp, they do not work so well. When we use our voice it involves a large muscular effort to tighten the vocal cords sufficiently to make them vibrate at different pitches. The greater the muscular effort, the greater the amount of blood needed in that area. It follows, then, that a fairly large quantity of fluid has to drain away from the larynx when it is involved in the considerable effort of projecting the voice while singing, acting or yelling.

If the cervical lymph nodes are congested, this fluid cannot drain away, causing backpressure and a serious waterlogging of the vocal cords, which impairs their ability to vibrate. The first sign of this is squeakiness, which then turns into mild hoarseness and culminates in varying degrees of voice loss.

Treatment to alleviate this would include Shiatsu, Interx, Reflexology and Nutritional advice.


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