Streptococcal infections

The word streptococcus simply means a chain of spherical ‘bugs’. These are one of the most common of the bacterial invaders and some of the nastiest, particularly the haemolytic streptococci that cause ‘strep’ throat, tonsillitis and middle ear infection.

To penetrate the numerous defence mechanisms in the mouth and throat area, bacteria usually need to resort to extra weapons. The streptococcal variety have a number of toxins at their disposal for this purpose, designed to weaken the defences in the throat and ease the passage of the bacteria into the body. This is the most common cause of lymphatic malfunction and therefore many associated disorders such as joint pain.

Treatments to alleviate this problem would include Interx, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Nutritional advice.



Alicky Gravell Clinic Treatments

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